A Week of Strategic Insights at CETAC-WEST Workshop


Shabab Saad (CEO & Co-Founder) and Dr. Md Kibria (Co-Founder & Scientific Director) of CarboMat Inc. had the incredible opportunity to attend the Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop hosted by CETAC-WEST from April 28-May 2, 2024.

This 4-day workshop is almost a week-long retreat that gives entrepreneurs a fresh perspective on their business and commercialization strategies. They benefit from the experience of peers and seasoned entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses.


In this workshop, entrepreneurs learn commercialization and business skills from other entrepreneurs. They reach out and share their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and learn from the experience of others. The workshop provides a platform for entrepreneurs to reflect on their own businesses and seek to improve their commercialization strategies. Furthermore, entrepreneurs also gain access to a large network of experienced entrepreneurs.

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CarboMat Inc. specializes in developing an end-to-end less GHG-intensive process for producing low-cost and high-value carbon fibers for multifunctional applications in the composite industries.

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