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CarboMat Is Named As One Of The Awardees in Phase II of Alberta Innovate’s Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge

CarboMat is named as one of the awardees in Phase II of Alberta Innovate’s Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge.

Alberta Innovates’ Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge is accelerating the development of pathways for large-scale production of carbon fibre and advanced manufacturing products from Alberta’s bitumen. Carbon fibre’s high strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance coupled with its light weight make it better than many conventional metals and polymers used in transportation, infrastructure, construction and consumer products.

The details of the Alberta Innovate’s Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge can be found here: https://albertainnovates.ca/impact/newsroom/alberta-eyes-billion-dollar-carbon-fibre-market/

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CARBOMAT specializes in developing an end-to-end less GHG intensive process for producing low-cost and high-value carbon fibers for multifunctional applications in the composite industries.

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