Our Team

Our team leverages a combination of innovation, research, and industrial collaboration, creating a robust pathway for the successful commercialization of CarboMat Inc..


Shabab Saad

CEO & Co-Founder

Shabab has a background in Chemical Engineering with extensive experience working with carbon fibers and advanced multifunctional materials. He is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards including GRInSTEM, CMC Fabrication, SOR Travel Award, and many others. He brings in 7 years to 8 years of experience in scientific research and technology development. He is passionate about leading CarboMat in business development.

Md Kibria, PhD

Scientific Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Kibria brings in 10+ years of R&D and cleantech experience to CarboMat with extensive hands on experience in carbon fiber processing, sustainable energy development, materials science, technoeconomic, and life cycle assessment. He is also the founding member of CERT Inc.. Dr. Kibria is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards including the Tomlinson Doctoral fellowship, Green Talents Award, and Academic Gold Medal.

Nujhat Adrita



Mahmud Halim



Research and Operations

Rajas Shah, PhD

Research Associate, Mitacs Fellow

Rajas, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary (2023) and a Masters in Polymer Science from IIT Roorkee (2016), brings 7 years of research expertise to CarboMat. A Mitacs Elevate fellow, he optimizes the mechanical properties of asphaltene-derived carbon fibers through innovative methods. He actively contributes to vendor development and market discovery, aligning his passion for research with CarboMat’s mission.

Muhammad Shafiq Irfan, PhD

R&D Project Lead

Dr. Shafiq Irfan holds a PhD in polymer engineering from the University of Birmingham, specializing in eco-friendly composite manufacturing. With extensive experience in academia and industry across the UK, EU, and Middle East, he has led numerous R&D initiatives in polymer composites. As R&D Project Lead at CarboMat, he focuses on developing low-cost, eco-friendly carbon fiber technologies and penetrating diverse markets.

Astha Gautam, MSc

Junior Technical Lead

Astha is passionate about environmental sustainability. With a BSc in Environmental Science and Anthropology, and an MSc in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Calgary, she brings a strong educational background to her work. Over four years of research experience, Astha has developed a variety of skills, including method development, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Ghazale Asghari Sarabi, MSc

Head of Technical Operations

Ghazale is the Head of Technical Operations at CarboMat Inc. With a background in textile engineering, she has extensive expertise in nano/micro-fiber design, electro/melt fiber spinning, composite design, and carbon materials synthesis. Her specialization in multiple areas of carbon fiber production enables her to lead and support the R&D initiatives at CarboMat Inc.

Tamanna Hoque




Chen Fong

Mentor, CDL

Martin Molyneaux

Lead Mentor, CDL

Fred Gallagher

Mentor/Advisor, CDL

Deborah Peacock

IP Advisor, CDL

Past Mentors

Chris Theriault

Mentor, CDL

Doug Beach

Lead Mentor, CDL

Dustin Wilkes

Mentor, CDL

J. Mark Mitchell

Strategic Advisor

Steven Bryant

Technical Advisor, CDL

Matt Brister

Mentor, CDL

Ken Shi

Mentor, CDL

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